Heads Carolina, Tails California…

Our Route to Jolon, Ca

We got a new contract today… California wins!

We leave Sunday on our Journey to Jolon, Ca tour!
So far on the journey to Jolon, Ca…. First to Lampasas, Tx, then North to Ft.Worth/Dallas, then to Amarillo (Amanda Corker Mullins), Then west to Albuquerque, NM (Dianna Sigler, Mica Marie), then further west to Kingman, Az to visit more family. After Kingman we’ll take a turn south to Quartzsite, Az to visit with other families that are living on the road full-time with kids(Families on the Road) & (NomadicMama). After Quartzsite we’ll head further west to Riverside, Ca for more family, then turn north to Edwards Air Force Base (I lived on Edwards AFB!). We’ll travel through one of our favorite California towns, Tecachapi and Bakersfield, Ca where we were married. Eventually we will end up in Jolon, Ca… a couple of hours south of San Francisco!

Are you along our route and want visitors? let me know! Stay tuned!

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