Ear today… gone tomorrow. Grant 0 Bunk 1

This week was really eventful. Thursday night Grant fell off his bunk bed and hit his ear on the ladder. The result  was that part of his ear separated from his head at the top. We got to make a late night visit to the local Emergency room. Grant did not even realize that he was hurt. He was super angry with us for making him leave the house, in his pajamas and without his boots!


At Davis Hospital and Medical center they got us in quickly and the staff was really sweet to a very angry Grant! They calmed him down and glued his ear back together! He was so brave he got two suckers and stickers from the nurse who took care of him! 

Grant is all better now and is running around like normal… we just have to be careful about putting a shirt over his head. 

I am sure that with boys this will not be our first visit to the Emergency room late at night. We are hoping that it will be a very long time until the next visit! 

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