Our home (on wheels)

We are often asked “how do you do it? What do you live in?” So, we decided to create a page dedicated to our hardworking rig that keeps up with us across the country!

Our setup: 2011 Chevrolet 3500 pulling a 2011 Heartland Big Country 3494QBS


Our Master bedroom:


The bathroom: (we spared you the toilet!)


Our Livingroom: 


The kitchen:


The boy’s room after the remodel!



There used to be futon type bunks on the bottom and we tore them out for more floor space!

Now you have seen our HOME… that’s right… it isn’t an RV or travel trailer to us…

it is our home and we love it and the freedom it gives us!

We love feedback! What would you like to see? What questions do you have for us? Leave a comment below!

Another Re-Model: 

Our kitchen table is wood and painted black. The kids are not gentle and we ended up with scratches and stains on the table and chairs. I went to Hobby Lobby and found some fabric and I also bought a giant sheet of thick vinyl. I covered the table and chairs first in the fabric and then with the clear vinyl over it! We love it! It is so much easier to clean and there are no stains on the chairs!



  1. Ali Workentin says:

    What do you think of that sink? I am not sure I would like the raised type of sink. Love your idea of raising the bunks. When our boys were little, hubby made them each a top bunk ~ we had a desk & chair under each of them at one end and a dresser at the other end; they shared a room so it gave them more floor space for playing.

    • hodgkiss1122 says:

      I actually really love the sink. You end up with more counter space! My ONLY complaint is this particular sink has a frosted outside… the problem with that is when water rolls down the sides it leaves streaks and that drives me NUTS! So we are looking into a clear or brown glass sink.

      The boys LOVE their room… they can build quiet the train setup in there!

      • Stephanie Wilson says:

        You guys are so fortunate. I’m so jealous. I love what you did to the house. Thanks for all the pics and having a blog pg. would love to see more pics…. Take care and be safe. Would love to see y’all sometime. Enjoy your life girl, there’s not many people that get to do what y’all are. Love ya

  2. Jason Allred says:

    I love your whole setup! Those fridges with the wooden doors, the entertainment area, and the leather couch! Will be looking forward to your posts.

  3. Shalome Bryant says:

    I sure do miss you guys!! I love the new couch…. looks amazing! I soooo wanna come visit for a while, just dont know if Im brave enough to take the trip….. The new baby might make the trip take longer. MISS YOU ALL!!! ((HUGS))

  4. MaLi says:

    It is lovely, Jen. I’d love to come check it out in person if you have time to hang before you leave Hill! Besides, I’d just love some more time to chill together since who knows when that time will come again in the future.

  5. Patrick Hodgkiss says:

    Just did an update to the space under the bunks last night! Hopefully Jennifer posts it soon!

    Also it should be noted that the couch has two recliners built into them, and it did not come with the RV. Also, the dining table was turned 180 degrees and pushed against the wall to provide more of a “desk” setup.

      • Jennifer says:

        Hi Kim! I THINK we got it at ashley furniture. It is a zero recline sofa so it reclines down and not out so it doesn’t hit the wall! It unscrews and the back separates from the seat so we could fit it in the door!

  6. Julie says:

    Love your whole RV! It does look like a home. The little touches really make a difference. The bunk room is so nice too! I wish we had an Ikea near us.

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  8. Kristina Brooke says:

    I am so excited to find your blog. I LOVE what you are doing and reading your post reminded me of my desire to live in an RV and enjoy life at a simple level. I have so many questions!

    BTW- I am also on SHS and blog about homeschooling on my other blog.
    Kristina Brooke recently posted…A Simpler LifeMy Profile

  9. Karen Thomason says:

    Hi, just wanted to say you that it sounds like you are having a ball. My husband and I had a Mobile Scout. We lived in it for four years. He passed away in 2010, and it has been difficult. I just bought a 2008 Crossroads Seville. It great. I won’t be traveling with it. I parked it at Cowtown RV Park in Aledo, TX. Small world isn’t it?

  10. John says:

    My wife and I have considered selling the house and moving into an RV with the three teenagers we still have at home. She starts med school next Fall. She’s done the homeschooling until now, but that’s about to be on me. The idea of sharing a very small bath with five people terrifies me.

  11. Sherry says:

    This is so cool! We are a family of 5 and thinking of RV’ing full time and paying rent in a mobile home park to have a more permanant location. We’ll see if it’s financially worth it or not. What kind of make and model is your trailer? I was looking at a 38 footer but that limits a lot of location to visit and live at. Thanks!

  12. Krisy says:

    I have also purchased a heartland fifth wheel to live in and in the bunk house there is i would love to have more floor space what did you have under that bunk when you bought it? I have a couch and I’m not sure how I can remove it…

    • Jenn H says:

      Hi! We had two couches, one on eCh side, orginally. They actually come out really easy. I think we had to fold it up like a taco, unscrew from the wood. Remove the couch part and then remove the wood from the wall. I hope that makes sense!

  13. Jessica says:

    I absolutely love the kids room! I totally want to copy it! Question though , how do they climb up there, it seems high?

  14. Lisa says:

    Hi Jenn,

    Love what you did with the kids room and the dining table! My hubby and i are considering full-timing hen we retire. Id like to know how you deal with the limited counter space in the kitchen for meal prep?

  15. Danielle W says:

    I just love what you did with your boys room. We are traveling and live full time in our fifth wheel. I’m in the process of gutting my kids room. If you don’t mind, I was wondering where you got the drawer and cabinet system? It would be a perfect fit for us. I’m pulling out the futons and would like to put some sort of dresser system for my oldest daughter.
    Thank-you for sharing your home, it is always awesome to see other families doing the same thing.

  16. Allison M says:

    My husband and I, 3 yo twin girls and a dog are planning to full time RV for the next year or so. We are looking at different options that will comfortably accommodate our family. Our primary concern is cold weather living. We have found some travel trailers that we like and really like the roominess of the 5th wheel but would have to buy a new truck. Any suggestions?

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