RV LED Lighting Upgrade – Brilliant Light 3003

RV LED Lighting Upgrade

Let’s face it, Recreational Vehicles are not made for full time living. While there are some full time Residential Vehicles on the market, the majority of full timers have to deal with appliances made for the weekend warrior and not the year round punishment we put on them. Which leads me to the purpose of this review. Our 12 volt RV lighting fixture has broke and shy of using a soldering iron and special ordering a new light bulb socket, it is beyond repair. Introducing the RV LED Lighting upgrade! Whether you are like me and having to replace a broken fixture, or you are the serious boondocker who is looking to replace your fixtures to save on those precious amp hours then an RV LED lighting upgrade may be for you.
RV LED Lighting Upgrade
Today I will be installing a Star Lights Inc. Brilliant Light 3003 Customization Ceiling Light. I chose to upgrade to the to an LED light primarily because the LED produces a much brighter white light (4200 Kelvin) versus the dull yellow of the traditional filament bulb. The LED light also puts out much less heat than a traditional bulb. In addition the LED is much less susceptible to vibration over the filament bulb decreasing the likelihood of a failure while you are transporting your RV. I purchased my RV LED lighting upgrade from my local RV store for $43.79, but when I was doing research for this post I found them cheaper online through Amazon Prime for under $40. Tools required for this project will be a screwdriver (most likely with an S2 head) and a wire stripper.

Installation Instructions

Important: Disconnect the Battery
STEP 1: Remove the old ceiling lighting fixture by removing the lens unscrewing it from the ceiling. Be sure and clean the area of all old sealer, dirt. etc.
STEP 2: Identify the positive(+) and negative(-) wires and disconnect both wires from the old fixture
STEP 3: Attach the BLACK wire marked positive (+) on the Brilliant Light 3000 series fixture to the positive wire (+) coming out of the ceiling opening inside the rv.
STEP 4: Attach the WHITE wire marked negative (-) on the Brilliant Light 3000 fixture to the negative wire(-) coming out of the ceiling opening inside the unit.
STEP 5: Re-use the original screws from your old fixture to attach the Brilliant Light 3000 series fixture to the interior of the unit.
STEP 6: Replace the Lens on the new fixture.

Brilliant Light 3003 RV LED Light Review

This light was easy to install and the instruction manual was straightforward. I am very satisfied with the construction and ease of install. The Brilliant Light 3003 fixture is slightly larger than my old fixture so it covered up the old mounting holes. If you compare the price of new LED bulbs at over $30 a piece, the Brilliant Light is a great value. The downside is that the LED bulbs in the fixture are not replaceable. the unit must be entirely replaced. The unit also comes with several customizable modules such as a motion sensor and a dimmer dial, but sadly they were not available at the local dealer.
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