A little setback!

We were suppose to leave for New Jersey this morning, but yesterday one of the guys in our convoy had a blow-out on the way to us. All is good with the tire and the guys decided to leave tomorrow (Tuesday) morning instead of trying to get out of here today.

The good news is I kicked the boys and the men OUT of the RV for the day and I plan to get some “pre-trip cleaning” done.

Today’s agenda:

Dust, vacuum and mop floors.

Deep clean bathroom.

Clean house in general.

Clear all counters of moveable items.

Move, tuck, snap, clip and stow everything away so it doesn’t move during our drive.

… And much more after more coffee.

I do (as the Lundy’s say) the pink jobs.

Hubby does the blue (outside, gross, man) jobs.

Towing an RV across the country isn’t all fun! It takes a day to a couple of days of preparation making sure everything is in its place before we hit the road!

… Maybe I’ll sneak a nap in here somewhere!

-till later


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