A Family Review of ‘The Lego Movie’

The Lego Movie

Our family of four just watched the ‘The Lego Movie’. This computer animated film, with its memorable cast and fast paced story line, had our attention captured from the start. Subtle adult references kept me entertained and chuckling throughout the movie, while the kids sat in amazement as beautiful Lego masterpieces came to life before their eyes. The movies underlying theme really hits home with us as parents, but our 5 and 7 year old completely missed out on the big idea. Older children may appreciate ‘The Lego Movie’ more but don’t let this hold you back.

I liked it! It made me laugh! Green Lantern was annoying! I really didn’t like Lord Business, he was a bad guy! I really liked the explosions and the way they made water and waves out of Legos! – Owen 7

It was kinda funny! I liked Emmit, the construction guy! He was the funniest! He would try to build, but he would end up being annoying! He just wanted to watch TV with his plants and bread! I saw a Lego Starwars ship!! I liked when he said “I am here. To see your butt!” Hahahaha -Grant 5


I really liked the graphics and I was amazed at the way they made the explosions and fire! Even though it was made out of Legos it looked like an actual explosion! This movie appears to be like a mix between computer graphics and stop motion! We will be buying the DVD! The plus side is the main characters are voiced by my two favorite characters Will Ferrell and Morgan Freeman! Be prepared to walk out singing “everything is awesome” over and over! As a mom and home educator I really enjoyed the overall message of “thinking outside the instructions (box) as it is something we strongly encourage at home!  – Jenn

Overall we all enjoyed The Lego Movie! The boys are now in their room making their own Lego masterpieces come to life! We would love to hear what you think about The Lego Movie! Come back and chat with us after you see it!

Let the kids color their OWN LEGO PERSON!!


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